E - Clinic

A Web-Based E Clinic covers every phase of medical practice that enables a medical practitioner to effectively manage his practice, providing standards-based integration points to schedule an appointment, online follow-ups, complete reports, laboratory Information Systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and Med Directory. This is faster and easeful way to link to the healthcare service by using this system.

E-Clinic is designed as a potent, adaptable and convenient to use web applications to deliver reliable benefits to clinics, assisting users to supervise a huge data in clinics and it can be accessed either through PC, laptop, iPad or other smartphones.

With its vast knowledge and expertise in deploying digital solutions that use modern communication and IT technologies to connect with a range of medical devices, Prognosys combines all of these and offers one of the first of its kind E-Clinics. A solution that is fast emerging as the “go-to” solution to solve many problems that are commonly faced by today’s discerning administrators who tirelessly toil to reach out to remote corners of their countries to provide modern healthcare to its citizens.

While designing a ProRad E Clinic solution, Prognosys has compiled a brief summary of the Objectives of the E-Clinic system.

The solution includes the following:

  • A 20’ Foot ISO Container – custom designed to the needs of a modern Poly Clinic
  • Patient Reception, Registration and Pharmacy
  • Unique ID based Electronic Health Record (Cloud-based)
  • Live E-Consultations with Specialists at Tertiary Care Centers for diagnosis and treatment pathways
Digital Vital Signs
  • Mobile Cart – Fully equipped with the following:
  • Multi-Parameter – Vital Signs
  • Digital Stethoscope – transmit the heart beats over the Cloud to the specialist.
Digital X-Ray System
  • Direct connectivity to EMR and Patient Image Capture
  • High Frequency 32 KW Generator (Single Phase)
  • High Frequency 32 KW Generator (Single Phase)
  • Digital Flat Panel for instant high-quality images
  • Floor mounted tube stand with Dual Rail and fixed Bucky stand with Automatic Tracking for chest screening and higher patient throughput and lowered human errors
Digital Pathology Lab
  • Direct connectivity of devices to the patient EMR
  • Complete range of diagnostics with Digital Automatic Analyzers
  • Bar Coded Solutions that are read and results communicated digitally from the devices to EMR
  • Digital Microscope for capture of real-time images and slides