E - Pathology

Prognosys addresses ePathology through its Digital Lab solution. With Prognosys digital lab, orders and results the integration between the lab and the EMR has never been more seamless.
Orders are made in the EMR and then can be automatically sent to the lab regardless of whether or not the lab is in-house or through an external party.
This reduces the possibility for lab errors quite substantially. Not only does this remove and eliminate potential lab order errors but it also saves the practice labor and money. The largest benefit to an electronic lab interface is receiving the results back electronically. If you were to compare this to receiving a paper copy of the lab results you would see where a paper copy is sent to a fax machine and then the hunt begins to get that result to the right paper chart/person.
Thus by electronically receiving the results into your system and not dealing with paper fax results, one can see the obvious time savings awarded to the practice. Also with an electronic lab interface, you no longer have to file the lab results in the paper chart (or scan them into your EMR). The results are automatically available in the EMR and can be routed to the ordering provider for review and then approval. The doctor can even sign the lab electronically.

General Features
  • One system that contains EHR, billing software, and practice management software. Not just a superficial integration with HL7 between two foreign systems. This ensures that you will be bug-free, not wasting times logging between different systems, keeping your data integrity intact.
  • True web-based, no client to download and remote access. This totally eliminates the headache of maintaining servers, all you need is a browser, simple as that.
  • Very rich graphic user interface
  • By applying the science of Human-computer interaction (HCI), we came up with a system that we believe the most user-friendly around
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Unlimited document upload

Prognosys Digital Lab integrates a host of fully automated analyzers for Hematology, Biochemistry and for Pathology Prognosys has integrated digital microscopes. Thus the larger labs and diagnostic chains can use Prognosys Digital Lab for running their business more efficiently.
For the smaller labs, Prognosys Digital Lab provides tremendous value by providing connectivity, offering auto sample tracking interfacing ability and EMR connectivity. Thereby even smaller labs that do not have a sophisticated LIMS can even harness the power of connectivity to an EMR and cloud.